AgilentLabAdvisor.msi B.02.09 [195]

What's New in Lab Advisor B.02.09


Agilent Lab Advisor B.02.09 adds the following features:

  • Tests, calibrations, tools and instrument controls for the Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC modules/1260 Infinity II LC modules
    • G7112B 1260 Infinity II Binary Pump

    • G7159B 1290 Infinity II High-Performance Preparative OpenBed Fraction Collector
  • Limited Support
    • G4782A 1260 Infinity II Binary SFC Pump

    • G4767A 1260 Infinity II SFC MultiSampler
  • Changes
    • Delay Volume Calibration, supported by modules G1364B/C, G5664A, G7159B

      • 1. Allow the use of current wavelength, bandwidth and data rate settings from the detector instead of using the built-in signal settings (Works with all supported detectors)

      • 2. Can now manually modify the evaluated peak positions of the delay sensor signal and the detector signal in order to correct them if the result of the automatic peak detection is not satisfactory
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