How To Quantitate Result Set of Samples with the Calibration of a different Result Set

Occasionally, it is necessary to quantitate a result set (referred to as a sequence container in legacy software) with the calibration information from a different result set. Let us assume a Data Result Set in OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition contains standards (sample type Calibration) and calibration curves; let us call it Data Result Set A. Samples of unknown concentration (sample type Sample) were acquired at a different time and therefore, this data is stored into a different set, which we will call Data Result Set B. To quantitate Data Result Set B with the calibration table from Data Result Set A:


  1. Load Data Result Set A by double-clicking on it in the left side of the screen (it should be under C:\Chem32\[instrument number]\Data\[subdirectory]\).
  2. Click Method > Update Master Method.
    1. Alternatively, Click Method > Save as New Master Method to choose a different name and also make this method available for future acquisitions. A Save Method as… dialog box will appear, prompting for the name to save this method as (importantly, save it in the Chem32\[your instrument number]\Methods folder; it is recommended to save it to that folder, not in any other folder).
  3. Load Data Result Set B and click Sequence > Reprocess with Different Method.
  4. Select the method that was updated or saved in step 2 and click OK.


The data in Data Result Set B will be reprocessed with the original Data Result Set A calibration.




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