EnviroForms MSD chemstation Support

EnviroForms has been shipping with the software since G1032C, this was the Windows 3.1 days. In 2005 the USEPA CLP criteria changed but we did not update the forms to meet the new specification. The MS product line was to contract out support to Jeff Hanson and he was going to update and support this package, however this never happened. Starting  with E.02.02 or as early as E.02.01, the forms package has not been tested nor supported by the factory, which means it is considered user contributed. What does this mean for OTS and our customers that try to run this program? We can only offer very Limited supported for this products, and there are only a couple of options as out lined below.


1.       Does the forms package start normally? If the answer from the customer is no, then we would do our normally Windows troubleshooting; verify revisions, settings for the firewall, Microsoft office and the order in which all software packages were installed.

2.       Yes it does start, then we give them the attached manual on how to make it work with our demo data. Any support beyond this point should be positioned as paid for consulting time quoted through the Agilent education group.


When in doubt contact Agilent Support.




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