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The report template editor offers pre-defined snippets to add method information to your report template. Due to the broad variety of instrument modules, the method parameters are not stored as individual paramaters, but the information is stored in whole text blocks.


The attached extract from the user training shows how the method information could be shrinked or expanded based on the detail level and also how filters could be applied to reduce the information inside one text block.


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2012 July 19

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  • Hello Berhard,

    I believe I figured out why suddenly my instrument method info. stopped appearing on my intelligent report. I had found a random posting that someone had made about a similar problem and their cause had to do with GC column dimensions missing in their configuration. So, I checked my column configuration on the instrument I've been running on and I realized that someone had selected two columns in the background on the instrument I was using (not many of us take advantage of this functionality in the software and don't check it regularly). I deselected them and selected the column I was actually using, did a test injection, and the report for my test injection showed my method information. I will run a sequence today and hopefully see the problem solved. Thanks again for your suggestions. Sincerely, Deborah Murphy

  • Hello Debbie, may I ask you to log a support ticket with the Laboratory Informatics Support Center ?  We propably need to look at your data to understand what is going wrong.  Best regards,  Bernhard

  • Hi Bernhard,

    I do have my intelligent report set up to show instrument module information but I still can't get the instrument method parameters to populate in the report. I just see the phrase "Information: No configuration exists for this method". It does however populate the analysis method information right below. It is very puzzling. I followed the above attachment but I'm still having the same issue. Please let me know if there is anythingelse I can try. I've been able to print the acquisition method in previous reports. Thanks for your help, Sincerely, Debbie

  • Is it also necessary to make sure under the runtime checklist that you have "Save method with data" selected in order to print instrument method information on report? I experienced an issue where my method information did not show up on my intellgient report and I believe it was due to the fact that I had not selected "save method with data" when I set up the method. I don't beleive the default method has this selected which is a surprise.

    Please help me confirm this. Thanks,


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