DVDVideoSoft Video Recording

The procedure below describes how to use offline screen recording (provided by DVDVideoSoft) for software troubleshooting.


  1. Download free screen video recorder from DVDVideoSoft homepage from a pc with internet access http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-Screen-Video-Recorder.htm#.Uuj97oc1g-V
  2. click on download
  3. click on save as
  4. store “ FreeScreenVideoRecorder.exe” on USB Stick
  5. Take USB memory stick and plug in into pc where you want to record screen
  6. Click on Open folder to view files; double click on FreeScreenVideoRecorder.exeto run installer
  7. Click on Run when Security Warning occur
  8. Click on Yes to allow program to  run installer
  9. Select language and click on ok
  10. Click on Next
  11. Accept agreement and click on next
  12. Select installation folder and click on next
  13. Click on next for generating a shortcut on desktop
  14. Click on Install to install software on PC
  15. Click on Finish when installation done
  16. Recording Software will launch
  17. Click on Option
  18. Click on Media Formats tab and select Cinepak Codec by Radius and  Video destination folder and then click on ok
  19. Click on Record video from Full Screen
  20. This will start screen recording and window will be closed,
    NOTE: PC will recording now the whole screen and store video on harddrive. This will slow down the computer
  21. Next, perform the software steps you want to record.
  22. Small icon in window bar will indicating recording
  23. Click on icon to stop recording
  24. Video destination folder will be open
  25. A video will takes about 20 MB space  per minute


So you should  click every 15 minutes on stop recording and then on start recording to generate files with a file size of about 300 MB.


        You can delete all videos except the one when error occurs


(originally prepared May 2014)


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