Automated Screenshot Recording using Greenshot

A good screenshot tool is among the most valuable programs both on  my PC or on my USB stick. It allows to quickly prepare illustrated HowTo guides or to maintain a quick log of the steps done during troubleshooting, teaching, and training). Many options are available with much more powerful options in comparison to the Windows Snipping Tool. Here is a quick guide to make best use of my favorite alternative, Greenshot. The instruction can be send to customers.


Procedure for automated recording of screenshots

  1. For use from USB, Download latest portable zip version of Greenshot It is free also for commercial use.
    For your PC, better Download the non-portable version and select "Start with Windows",  so that you do not have confirm the program start after each reboot.
  2. Unzip the file to a folder on an USB stick, start the program Greenshot.exe and choose your favorite language
  3. Click on the icon in the task bar, select Preferences and change the following settings:
    1. Output Tab: change Storage location as preferred (e.g. "C:\_Screenshots")
    2. Destination tab: deselect "Select destination dynamically" and select "Save directly (using preferred file output settings)" and "Copy to Clipboard". The program will now automatically save the screenshot to the specified folder and copy it to the clipboard, which allows to paste the screenshot in any application like Word or Outlook
  4. In addition to selected regions (PrtScr, key on the top right of your keyboard), full screen capture using the Ctrl + PrintScreen (PrtScr) or the active window (Alt+PrtScr) can be captured

  5. when using the portable version, the settings are stored even if used it on another PC. The program can be started from USB stick on any PC with Admin rights.

Adding arrows, text boxes to pictures

  • Many ways are possible, but the Greenshot Image Editor is the fastest way here:
  • You can copy the modified image to the clipboard by "Contrl-Shift-C"




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