Cant change sample type in agilent openlab

Question 1:When I open Data Analysis from the Agilent OpenLab Acquisition app while a batch is running, I can't change the sample type from the Data Analysis tool (e.g., standard to QC or the level of standard). It's greyed out. However, when the batch is finished and I open it from the Data Analysis tool, I can change it. Please help me solve this.

Question 2: I am using an ISTD in my sample but not in my standard, and I am also selecting that ISTD as the internal standard from the calibration Option. The issue is that sometimes a random peak gets integrated as the ISTD in my standard. If I try to delete it and reprocess the batch, it doesn't show any concentration for any compound. It says the compound could not be found, although it is integrated and assigned.

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    In answer to question 2, internal standards need to be in both the samples AND the standards, since the calibration is done using the ratio of the responses from analytes and internal standards vs the ratio of the amounts of these.  Seem to me that you should probably be doing external standard calibration and that you mean something different when you use the words "internal standard".

    What version of OpenLab CDS are you using?

    For question 1, I've just tried "Review completed injections" to open the results from a partially completed sequence and I can edit sample type and calibration levels.  I'm using V2.8, but I don't recall this being an issue in earlier versions.  Could it be a role or privilege issue that prevents you from making the changes?  Maybe someone else has more information about this.


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    Question 1: Are you opening a snapshot or using review completed injections to open the in-progress injections? Is it possible you were on a replicate injection when trying to change the type. 

    Question 2: Andy is correct you must have the internal standard found in all injections for that type of calibration to work correctly. 


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