Converting sequence report to cross report

Hello guys, I well-optimized my single and sequence reports separately. Now I want to make things smarter than before and just convert sequence report to cross-reference report. 

I think it should be possible since report is defined by xml code and if you replace all the code of the cross report with the sequence report you are receiving the sequence report. So it is related to some part of the code. 

Do you have any ideas? I tried to edit ReportType value from SingleSequenceSummary to MultiSequenceSummary and nothing happened.

Thank you so much for your help guys. Have a nice day!

  • Hello,

    It is not a simple find and replace operation. You would have to find and remove the group repetition by sequence ID entries plus the other list syntax it places around the report items objects. Doing this and not breaking the other report items might be problematic. You can see this block for a simple report with only one table below. The other way around the issue is to group all the objects in your current report, save them as a composite group, add that composite group to a new cross sequence summary report. The success of this action will depend on how complex your report template is currently.

  • Hello martin,

    you are right. I broken report so many times. It seems to be just more simple to make composite group of everything and, since grouping in header and footer is not allowed, copy code of header and footer into new cross report.

    Thank you for giving me another point of view.

    Have a great day

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