CDS OpenLab software crashes when using teamviewer

Hi Guys,

My CDS OpenLab software is crashing whem I use Teamviewer or Anydesk software to remote access the PC that is connected to the GC7890A.

Whem accessing the PC that is connectd to the GC7890A, when opening any analysis file or trying to reprocess appers a message informning that the chemstation has stopped working and then the OpenLab program

close. The error accurs both in Online mode and Offline mode.

This Problem started about 2 months ago, before that there was no conflict to remotely access the PC.

Do I use an OpenLab CDS software vs. C.01.07 (27).

I already reinstalled the Windows 7 (32b) and also reinstalled the CDS OpenLab software, but teh error keeps happining.

Any ideia ?


Ronaldo Brisolla

  • Ronaldo,

    We do not test or support remoting into workstation software installations. That said I would typically say it should work and I have not seen any major  issues in the past. C.01.07 is an older version of Chemstation that is out of support. My best guess is something has changed with the user login. The Chemsation software runs in an active user session, if something has changed in your remote software that forces the user session to be reset or be changed when remoting in it could cause issued with Chemstation.


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