Lost Data After Remoting In - CDS 2.7


We had an analyst remote in using our remote desktop connection via VPN to a standalone computer running a 1260 with OpenLab CDS 2.7. There were 6 injections and he remoted in after the third injection. He watched injections 4-6 collect and saw data/peaks. He then disconnected from remoting in. The next day he tried to look at the data both at the standalone computer connected to the system and via remoting in. The three data files (injections 4-6) that he watched collect from remoting in do not have data. The files will load but say "no signal" and only about 1 minute appear in the chromatogram with no data. The first 3 injections that happened before remoting in appear normal. Does anyone know if remoting in is the cause, how we can prevent this, and if there is anyway to get the data back? 

Thanks. KB

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