Openlab Chemstation does not use the method called out in sequence for acquisition

Hello, I'm using LTS 1.11 to control a 8890 GC and 8697 HS. Both 8890 and 8697 are having their latest firmware. The method was set up to have some valve actuations from the GC during data acquisition. At first, whenever a sequence was run, even the whole sequence completed successfully without any errors, the sequence method of the first vial always missed out the valve events, however from the 2nd run onwards all valve events were back as normal. Note that all runs were set to be acquired by the same method. This issue happened everyday for a week, then the week after that was worse as all runs had no valve actuations at all. Does anyone know what could cause the issue ? This never happened for another system, 7890 GC coupled with 7697 HS, in our lab. Thanks.

  • Hello,

    You might want to try a new method and sequence from defaults. I do not see any other reports at the moment for this issue. It could be a timing problem or some other communication problem between the devices. An issue like this will probably require more investigation than we can do in the community site.  I would open a support ticket with your local Agilent call center or if the system is a client server installation, then open a support ticket with the informatics support group. 

    Marty Adams

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