Grouping reference values with overlapping bracketing in a table


Is it possible in OpenLab 2.5 to group a table according to an overlapping bracketing?
So far in my tests only the values of the first bracket were output completely (Ref. 1-6), but only the lower part (Ref. 7-9) of the second bracket.

As an example: I would like to output the values (e.g. the mean value of the resolution) of references 1-6, as well as the values of references 4-9 separately. Since the number of reference brackets varies in each sequence, we would like to make the table dynamic by grouping them.

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    I have never had any luck getting the duplicate data to appear in multiple repetitions of an object which is what you would need in this case. I have done calculation like this in CC as below. This works as long as the standards per bracket are a consistent number. The calculation will be done regardless of the number of brackets. In this case with the +1 in the AverageByIndex the first bracket samples would have the average of 1+2 and then the second bracket would have the average of 2+3 and so on until the end. The last bracket would be just an average with itself. You could change it to -1 but then the first bracket injection would have a value averaged anything at a zero index. 

    Marty Adams 


    If(sample_type = 1, Truncate(((CurrentSequence.AllInjections.Where(function (x) x.Sample.Sample_Type = 1).OrderBy(function(x) x.CreationTime).Select(function(x) x.CreationTime).ToList.FindIndex(function(x) x=CurrentInjection.CreationTime)+ 0.99999) / BracketNumber) + 1),0)


    IF(Sample_Type = 1, CurrentSequence.AllPeaksAndGroups.Where(function (x) x.Injection.GetIntegerCC("IndexBracket") = CurrentInjection.GetIntegerCC("IndexBracket") Or x.Injection.GetIntegerCC("IndexBracket") = CurrentInjection.GetIntegerCC("IndexBracket") + 1).Where(function (x) x.Compound_Name = CurrentPeakOrGroup.Compound_Name).Select(function(x) x.Peak_Area).Average,0)



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