Privileges for new role on OpenLab CDS v2.1


I would like to understand whether the following is possible in OpenLab CDS v2.1: to create a role which enables access to project folders and the ability to use report templates to create reports however without the ability to edit result sets or processing methods. From my understanding of how privileges work in OL 2.1, the "Edit content of a project" privilege is required to allow a user to generate reports, however that privilege also confers the ability to edit processing methods, result sets etc... Therefore the answer should be no, however it would be good to hear from the experts.

If that is the case, would there be any other way to accomplish the above? We work in a regulated environment and have a legacy OL 2.1 system which we would like to restrict access to as much as possible. One of the ideas was to move users to a new role which would allow generation of reports as a quick way to extract large amounts of data (a function which will be required in the future) however removing the current users' ability to edit/save new revisions of result sets (which will not be needed in the future and would pose a compliance risk).

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.


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