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I'm trying to create a final report in Openlab Chemstation C.01.10 [301]  to display or extract the name, three different compounds, and create a sum of those compounds in rows instead of columns.  How would I approach this?  Thanks 

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    I order to create a table with that format you would need to create hidden tables to store values for display in that table. You would need to create 3 tables at the top of the report, the first 2 would be filtered for 1254 and 1260 respectively. In those tables, you would store those results in variables keyed by injection ID. The third table, would be filter for all 3 compounds and store the results in an aggregator keyed on injection ID. You can then hide the tables so they will not display. The final table would be filtered to display for only 1242 by sample name. You can then add columns for the other compound variables and the sum of the aggregator to display everything in one table. If you look in the report items list, you should see a table object called compare two compounds, this object shows how hidden tables works to allow 2 compound results to be shown in one table. 

    Marty Adams

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