Display current calibration data on a calibration report

Hi, hope someone can help.

Openlab ver 2.6

I don't always run a calibration with each sequence ( and currently investigating how long a calibration will hold ). 

In a calibration report, I want to show in a table the current calibration calculated results (amongst other data). I just can't find a way to call up this data unless the calibration is in the same sequence.

The calibration table snippet can display some current calibration data on a sequence that doesn't have a calibration run with it, but not the fields/columns I need

And help/pointers would be appreciated.

This thread is similar to what I am trying to achieve 



  • Hello,

    If your calibration standards are not in the same results set as your are reporting then you are limited to the calibration report objects. These objects have most of the calibration data but are fairly limited in customization options. There are also some standard variables under the calibration group that contain a subset of the calibration variables per compound and can be used as individual fields or in tables. 

    Marty Adams

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