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My question is

When you hava a two compunds in a sample, and you can get the concentration of them and then calculate the %Desviation between the sample amunt and the result, in Open LAb Chemstation, how you can see in a intelligent report. I only can get this for one compound but I cand find the way to add the concentartion of other compound.

Can you help me with this, please.

In this example I can get the %Desviation of one of compound called Viatmina E acetato, but not for Vitamina A cetato, because in the sequence table I only can put one sample amount for sample.

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  • Hello,

    In your Chemstation methods you can setup custom fields. You must do this before acquiring results as you cannot add custom fields to Chemstation data after acquisition. When you use this method in a sequence you will be able to fill in the sample or compound custom fields as setup. You can then use these custom field entries in your IR templates. Please note the order in which you create the custom field in the method corresponds with the custom field entry. This means the custom field 1 would be compound_custom field 01 in IR. 

    Marty Adams

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