Post run batch processing macro

I am hoping to add a post run batch processing macro in chemstation to our HPLC-DAD, using a method that is different to the method the data acquisitions uses (but that is in the same folder every time). Does anyone know how to add this or write that macro? It is a batch search for a specific peak height, to determine whether we need to reinject at a lower volume.

  • by post-run i mean post-sequence - at the end of the sequence run, I want the entire batch processed using the new method,

  • Hi  

    If you want to run a macro at the end of a sequence, you can use the "Post sequence command/macro" option in sequence parameters.  I know that what you want to do is definitely possible, because, a long time ago, a former colleague and I did exactly this!  Although we did this using a post run macro, called by the run time checklist.  Unfortunately, I don't think I have the macro files any more.

    I wonder if it would be better to create a sequence summary report that highlighted the samples where the peak height exceeded a specific value, rather than going down the macro route?  


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