Chemstation Macro leak bypass


I'm looking to bypass the leak detector sensor on an Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC.
I have an older version of chemstation openlab CDS attached to an HPLC and in the help there is a macro to bypass the leak detector (ClearLeakcal).

I've created my macro to look like:
Name Leakbypass

However when I try to execute it ,chemstation crashes. I have attached the version and macro below.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello  ,

    This macro was only intended to be used for diagnostic purposes and only for single quad LCMS instruments. Agilent does not recommend disabling any of the leak sensors on our LC or LCMS modules. Doing so could lead to potentially hazardous conditions for the lab and/or instrument. 

    The only exception, in some versions, is for the column compartment module. And then it is only recommended if you are running the column compartment at sub-ambient temperatures and need to avoid atmospheric condensation setting of the leak detector. From the help file

    Leak Detection (G1316A/B/C) (Modular LC Column Compartment Control)

    The column thermostat contains a sensor that can detect solvent leaks within the column compartment.

    Select On (leak) to shut down the instrument when a leak is detected.

    Select Off (condensation) to disable leak detection at temperatures below ambient and continue the analysis when a leak is detected, but make an entry in the logbook. Select Off (condensation) if you are working at temperatures below ambient, when you could expect condensation on the cooled column holders. At temperatures above ambient, the instrument shuts down if a leak is detected.

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