Installation OpenLab CDS Workstation 2.6

I am trying to install the OpenLab CDS Workstation 2.6 on my private Laptop but the error message "Your computer does not meet the operating system requirement, check the requirements guide" appears. I checked the requirements guide but couldn't find any usefull inormations. Do you have any ideas how to fix this error?

  • Dear Karl_Zims

    Compare the requirements guide and your system. For example do you have enought RAM on your private laptop or what is your laptop max resolution? 

    Personally I dont recommend to install this software on your private laptop because you will need to disable the windows updates. This can be a potencial risk. After a windows update you can not be sure the software will work properly. 
    Think about it.

    All the best!

  • Hi Karl_Ziems!

    There is manual OpenLab CDS Requirements and Supported Instruments Workstations, Clients, and Instrument Controller Document No: D0007076 Rev. C (it should be on  USB installation media). Find folder .....Docs\EN. On pg.16 min  you will find PC recomendation for Client. Check   suggestion.

    OpenLab 2.6 works on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, please check your OS. OL 2.6 does not suport Windows 11. 

    Try to use System Preparation Tool before OL installation and read report.

    Of course, you can install OL directly on your Laptop, but I would recomend to use virtual machine for this.



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