Loading a method which was developed with an instrument configuration that does not match the current one.


         Adding to my frustration with using OpenLab EZChrom, version A.04.07, I was launching an offline session to review some

analytical HPLC data and had left the computer.  I am now getting the following message, which is new and shocking to me.   

I think I reconfigured my HPLC a few too many times.  I was able to review and run analyses and now

i can't  Now I can't get past this popup.  The arrow cursor turns into a spinning circle and the computer spends minutes trying to do something.   

I have tried to reset the configuration by loading in a past datafile.  I have also had it automatically configure itself with the IP.  I can't review or

run anything now.  The version of EZChrom is A.04.07 and it is on a Windows 7 PC.

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