Galaxie software issue "Server connection: Unable to connect..." in GC

When attempting to login to Galaxie or to the Galaxie Configuration Manager, the following error message appears:
‘Server connection: Unable to connect: EnxPooledTransportException during logon procedure: NexusDB: <unnamed TnxWinsock Transport instance>: Cannot locate or connect to network server.
This is not allowing me to operate the machine. In searching the web, we found the following information:
Note that using the DBIntegrity tool does not solve the problem.
Problem: The problem comes from the nxServer.nxdbworksettings file becoming corrupted when it is saved (each time the NexusDB Server service is shut down for instance).
This problem may appear more often with standalone installations as the users should reboot computers more often than in client/server installations.
A tool is available to repair the nxServer.nxdbworksettings file.
1. Run the tool named ‘fixGalaxieServerSettings.exe’ (The file attached to the email with this service bulletin may need to be renamed to have a .exe extension.)
2. When the following screen appears, enter the Galaxie root path for this Galaxie installation and press Enter:
Unfortunately, there was no attachment that we could find that we could rename with the .exe.extension. Does anyone have this file or another way to fix this error? Someone please help! 
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