how to set up HPLC sequence to run as "run queue" for OpenLab C.01.10 ?

We recently upgraded from Chemstation B.04.02  to OpenLab CDS ver.C.01.10 for 1100 HPLC on window 10

I noticed  in OpenLab CDS ver.C.01.10 version, if  I add more samples in the current running sequence, then option i.e. “save sequence template” under sequence tab is not highlighted to update sequence table of current running sequence as well as In the offline ChemStation window , I was not able to see chromatogram of sample analyzed and  saved with online edited data file while sequence is running in ChemStation( online).

Can someone please guide me to find way to see spectra of  samples saved with online edited data file  in ChemStation(offline) while system is running ?

Also, I am planning to set up sequences in queue, I will appreciate if you guys can share steps to follow to set up sequences in run in queue as I never did this before.

Thank you



  • Hi  

    You can still add samples to the currently-running sequence in the OpenLab versions of Chemstation.  You should see the results from the added files in the Data Analysis window.  The Save option isn't enabled, since you are editing a copy of the sequence that is stored along side your data, and not the original sequence.

    As for queueing sequences, start the first sequence as you would normally, then you can use the Queue Sequence option from the Run Control menu to create and queue a new sequence, or to queue a sequence that you created using the Offline instance of OpenLab Chemstation.


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