Tailing Factor not appearing in GLP report


We are experiencing an issue where the tailing factor is not appearing (for certain injections) in the GLP report. We have a six injection calibration, the first two injections do not show the tailing factor, but the remaining four injections do. What can be causing this issue? This is not a recurrent issue, it is very sporadic, but we do not know what is causing it. 

Thank you very much

  • 1- is tailing factor appears in the software and disappearing in the report? 

    2- if yes, try reporting another sequence 

    3- if the problem still existed try an other template,or build new one 

    4- if the other sequence report is showing the tailing factor in all samples , you need to check your first two sample in your interested sequence , maybe they have unidentified compounds or other warnings


    if the tailing factor is not shown in both software and report,  also check your samples and check other sequences,  

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