Accessing Activity-Log Entries or Similar Run-Time Status in Real Time

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I am experimenting with trying to use the HPLC to automatically start another machine when the Run starts.

I initially thought of using the Activity-Log, since it gives a time-stamp for when the Run starts, so I was thinking of creating a program that would continously read the ActivityLog in real-time.

Then if the Run is true, I want to execute my code to start the machine. The problem I'm having is that I can only find the ActivityLog in the software, so I haven't found a way to collect this information without manually downloading.

Where do these Activity-Log entries get written from, and is there a way to access these entries? Or is there another value I can analyze & access continously in real-time? I am open to any suggestions or perhaps a different approach. 

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  • For an another reason we have the same problem... It would be great to acces the audit trail / activity log database directly. We wanted to create 'realtime' instrument usage monitoring system, working hours / month / user and so on... We've created a SW robot, who saves the activity log at every X hour, then injects the data into an sql database, where we can analyse almost everything, and dislpay fancy charts :) ... but a direct acces would be great :(

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    Starting another instrument or piece of equipment on injection is usually done at a hardware level using contact closure or a TTL remote start signal. The exact method and cable needed will depend on what type of input the other instrument accepts. Our LC modules have either a remote port or ERI port for TTL start/stop/ready signals. You can check in the module's user manual for a list of available cables and their pin outs. There are optional boards or external modules that can provide a hard contact closure on start if that is needed.

    As far as the physical location of the log files, this will depend on the software you are using. MassHunter stores its log file in the D:\MassHunter folder. For ChemStation it is in the instrument folder's TEMP folder. I would not recommend attempting to access these while the software is running since a file access violation may occur and could cause corruption of the instrument session or the data file currently being acquired. 

    If you need real-time instrument usage and monitoring data then one of our asset monitoring solutions may provide a solution for you. 

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