Isolated LAN connection between PC and GC 6850 (Classic)

I am currently using Agilent 6850 GC (A 05.04). I have connected the GC directly to the PC for the measurements using a crossover ethernet CAT6 cable. According to the manual of Agilent 'Setting up LAN Instrument Network', I can enter the IP address of the computer and use the IP address for the GC by manually entering it on the GC keypad. However, I am not able to connect it. For the configuration of the instrument, I am using the Configuration editor from Chemstation software where I put in the IP address, port number and the License key for the instrument. When I open the Agilent Instrument (Online) module of Agilent Chemstation, it says that 'GC was not found. Check if GC was configured correctly'. I checked for the  IP addresses of both my PC and the GC (the last three digits of the IP addresses are made different as recommended in the operation manual ). However, I did not find any fault. I also tried switching on and off both the PC and the GC, but it didn't help me either. In this case, what will you recommend doing further to successfully set up the connection?

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