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I have a new computer with OL CDS 2.6 installed. I am trying to import data from an old computer that used to be connected to the same instrument. Every time I run the Import tool on the new computer, the tool gives me an error saying that no CDS installation was detected. Any solutions?

Note: I am still waiting on my license to be updated on so the CDS 2.6 installation right now is on that 60 day trial. Could this be an issue?

  • You have to run the Migration Tool on the old PC first to created an exported data set. You then transfer that to the new PC and run the Migration tool again and click Import, to begin the import of the data set you exported and copied. See that attached guide.

  • I have already run the migration tool on the old PC and created an export package. I have also transferred the export package to the new PC. The problem is not being able to run import tool on the new PC. Every time I try to run the migration tool as per the instructions on page 46 of the manual you attached, I get an error saying that no OL CDS installation was detected and I can't proceed. I am following the instructions on page 46 because OL CDS 2.6 had already been installed.

  • I have just tried the migration tool on a fresh OpenLab install an I get the same error. It appears the Migration tool is not working in CDS 2.6

    I will raise a ticket with the Laboratory Informatics team to see if there is a fix or it can be fixed.

  • Thank you! Right now, as per the migration sections in different manuals, it seems like almost necessary to to follow the path Chemstation>CDS 2.4> CDS 2.6, so the data can be migrated using the migration tool. I know the data from Chemstation C can be copy pasted to CDS folders and sequences reprocessed but we have a lot of data to just sit and reprocess old sequences.

  • It appears that the migration tools is unsupported for CDS 2.6! I have no information if it ever will be supported, but the current 'work around' is to install CDS 2.5, which the migration tool DOES work for, do the migration, then upgrade to 2.6!

  • Thanks for the recommendation. I was under the impression that migration tool was not supported beyond 2.4 but good to know. 

    For the import tool, I am having this issue where our old XP machines running Chemstation B.03.02 can't run the tool because we had not upgraded to XP SP3. I can still upgrade to SP3 but my concern is that it seems as if B.03.02 is not supported on XP SP3 and I have no means of upgrading Chemstation. Any recommendations on this compatibility issue? Do you think it is safe to upgrade to XP SP3.

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