Sum of Impurities in Intelligence Report

How to generate sum of impurities of all peaks base on area% (except for the calibrated compound)?  I entered value (=FormatNumber((100-Peak_AreaPercent),2,0,0,0) & "%".  But this only generate the 1st impurity peak, and did not substract the rest.  CDS 01.08(210).  Please help.  Thanks.

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  • Hello,

    You can add a hidden column to your table. Then store the value of the column as an aggregator with a condition to allow only value where the compound_name is null. You can then output that value below. In a hidden text object below the output you can clear the aggregator. This entire group of objects repeats on injection_ID. If you do this in a single injection report you do not need the repeating group or the clear.

    Marty Adams

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