Sum of Impurities in Intelligence Report

How to generate sum of impurities of all peaks base on area% (except for the calibrated compound)?  I entered value (=FormatNumber((100-Peak_AreaPercent),2,0,0,0) & "%".  But this only generate the 1st impurity peak, and did not substract the rest.  CDS 01.08(210).  Please help.  Thanks.

  • Hi
    you can create an aggregate and grouping by sample_name and filter only type 3 out of all results and also the main peak as you don’t want to express in the sum, (for example AGGPeakAreaPerc) and then to extra text box to write Sum(AggPeakAreaPerc).
    This will sum all impurities in the sample.
    Don’t forget to use Clear at the end of the block


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