How do I install C.01.05 or A.01.05 on Windows 7 Enterprise

I am super frustrated with my Agilent ProStar system.  It seems unreasonable to have to upgrade to Windows 10 but I am getting no technical help from Agilent unless I want to pay.


  • OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition rev C.01.05 is supported on Windows 7 and that shuold include Windows 7 Enterprise,

    Instalaltion instructions are in the docs folder on disk1, CDS_WS-InstallationGuide.pdf. Please follow that exactly, You will also need the PrepLC drivers CD.

    If you need to go to Windows 10, ProStar systems are supported in OpenLab CDS ChenmStation up to version C.01.08 but not in later version C.01.09 and C.01.10.

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