Quantitating Impurities with respect to separate standard compound in Openlab CDS Chemstation Edition


I have Openlab CDS ChemStation Edition Rev. C.01.10 [301] and was wondering if there was any way to quantitate impurities based on the average of standard area from separate standard injections.

For example... I have two standard injections containing only Compound A, and one sample injection containing Compound A and Compound B (a degradant which I would like to calculate %). Compound B has a relative response factor of 1.11 with respect to Compound A. How would get the software to perform the following calculation to put in a report? (Response of Compound B in sample injection)/(Average Response of Compound A in Standard Injections * Relative Response Factor)

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

  • The simplest would be to change the Calibration settings to quantify uncalibrated peaks using your Compound A curve:

    and then customise your report to apply the correction factor if the Compound_Name is "Compound B"

    Using this formula in the Concentration column of a Compound Results or Summary table should work:

    =IIF(Compound_Name LIKE "Compound A", Compound_Concentration, Compound_Concentration * 1.11)

    Does that make sense?


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