Openlab 2.4 internal standard sequence summary

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I'm trying to build an internal standard area report since my recovery reports are listing the IS as 100% recovery (If someone knows how to get the IS to calculate off of defined values that would work too). I have the injection as my row and compound area sum as my column. At first it was just summing the first peak so I filter the table to the IS, problem is I have two internals and it just lists IS #1 twice. I'm guessing I need to edit the =compound_areasum function inside the value tab of the column properties. Am I one the right track here? I tried a handful of the functions to get it to sum the IS but I usually ended up breaking the report.

  • There's probably an elegant solution that does this in a single table, but I don't know it. Ended up making a second table that filtered for IS #2 and just scooted them together until they lined up.

    The excel it kicks off off is easy enough to import into my current IS checker, but if anyone knows a conditional formatting equation to flag out based off the average responses from the ICAL let me know. QA has concerns about just updating the area limits manually after every calibration.

  • Hello,

    You could do this in CC but I will show you how in intelligent reporter. Place a peak area field at the top of the report and group the field with itself. Open the group properties and set the group repeat to Injection_ID and set a filter for your peak of interest. In the field properties under the value, store the peak area as a variable keyed on injection ID. In your report  able you would add a column and display the variable you just stored. You can see the example below. Once it is working just hide the group at the top.

    Marty Adams

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