Chemstation Online randomly closes while sequence is running

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I did notice a problem lately which accurs randomly in a recurring way. while running sequence with WALKUP the Chemstation online  software closes and the running method keep going and so the HPLC until it consume the whole solvent .

I wish to know the possible reasons that cause this issue and how I can solve it

Thank you for the help..

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    For these types of issues it is generally best to start with routine PC maintenance. Make certain there is adequate free space on all disk drives, clean up Windows' temp files, defragment disk drives, etc. Then I would do a full power cycle reset of the LC and PC.

    If the issue only occurs with one method then you could try remaking that method from the default method.

    You can also have your IT group check the Windows Reliability Monitor to see if there are any events preceding the issues with ChemStation. 

    Because of Walkup integration you will want to avoid trying much in the way of ChemStation reconfiguration. If the above steps don't help then I would recommend reaching out to your local Agilent service team for further assistance.

  • Thank you for answering,

    Using the reliability history center I did find the report below

    Any idea if its fixable without formatting or reinstalling

    Thank you for your help.

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    That code appears to be a memory access violation. It is difficult to say what could be causing that. You could have IT run a check on the PCs memory to eliminate that possibility. Also check to see if any new programs have been installed since the issue began or if there have been any changes to the specified system printer or its drivers. Even if you are not printing, ChemStation makes use of the information for the installed printer during processing. You can also attempt a repair of ChemStation from the installation media. This may help if some other program has corrupted or replaced a Windows system file that ChemStation requires. 

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    In exeption offset you have note about ntdll file. It could be WIN library problem (some software installed on PC etc.)

    But it looks like PC/IT issue rather than Chemstation itself.


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