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We are working with Chemstation but soon we update to Openlab 2.3. How the migrating tool maybe doesn't work fine, we are creating all the items (master acquisiton methods, master processing methods and sequences).

My intentionally workflow is: 

1- Creation of master acquisition method 

2- Creation of master processing method, including custom parameters, integration events and compounds. 

3- Creation of master sequence, including processing method. 

But, I can't add a compound in the processing method without data (see image). Whit Chemstation this problem didn't exist because you can create the processing method at the sime time that acquisition method. It's possible with this workflow?

Which is the best option to minimize the time of this migration. We have more than 400 acquisition methods and this will be hard. 


Thanks a lot!


  • Hi Òscar 

    What version of Chemstation are you migrating from?  I assume that you have tried the New method from Chemstation option that is available from the New method button and that didn't work?

    I don't think it is possible in OpenLab to create a method without data, because OpenLab associates each compound with a signal; no signals, no compounds!

    What I would probably do is to either collect some data from the instrument, and use this to create each processing method, remembering that I may to edit the method, selecting the correct signal when I first use it.  If you are unable to collect any data, then I would suggest importing example data from the software installation media (...Setup\Tools\Support\Demo_Data), and using that to create your methods.  You may still need to update them when you have real data.

    Does that help?


  • Hi Andy

    The migration tool works but transfer and review 400 methods is too slow. I think is faster create then from 0. 

    Thanks for you help!


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