How to make OpenLab CDS shut down HPLC when sequence is done?


I have an 1260 Infinity II HPLC system and OpenLab CDS 3.5, and I need to be able to have the system shut down when the sequence it runs is done. I have read the manual, and apparently all I need to do is to check a box in Acquisition > Sequence > Sequence Parameters, but I can't find Sequence Parameters under Sequence. Where do I find it?

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  • Hi Michael

    I don't recognise the version number you refer to.  Do you mean OpenLab CDS 2.5?

    The Sequence Parameters that you refer to are for OpenLab Chemstation editions, where the version numbers are in the format C.xx.yy, the current version being C.01.10.

    In OpenLab CDS, there is a Shutdown run option in the Run Queue window.  You simply queue up a method as a shutdown run, it runs when the queue has no more samples in it and then puts the instrument into standby.

    Send a screenshot of the software and I'll be happy to help further, if needed.


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