Flexlm License Error - AgilentOpenLABCDSChemStation


I have a 6890n.

When I start GC OpenLab I get an error that says;

No license for "AgilentOpenLABCDSChemStation" could be found.

I checked the server and says it is running.  I have restarted it, rebooted, reread the license file, checked the firewall settings.  It was working last week.  I've also deleted the concurrent_state.xml and activation_state.xml files (read here that might work).

Not sure what to try next.  I did see one odd thing, and that was the MAC address in the licence file does not match the MAC address being used under License Server Name: localhost MAC Address.  I checked our other instrument and PC and it shows the same thing (and is working).

Any help would be much appreciated.


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