Automatically not desired EICs


Lately, every time I create a new processing method, the main ion chromatograms of my identified peaks are automatically extracted. I do not need this extractions and don't know how to disable them. When reprocessing it takes too long.

It would be grate if anyone could help!

Thank you very much!!

  • Hi

    What software, you are using?

    Which instrument, you are using?

    Can you share those detail?

  • Hello,

    I am using Openlab: 2.3.1 version

    The instruments I use are GC/MS

    - 6850 GC + 5975 MSD

    - 7890A GC + 5975C inert MSD with Triple-Axis Detector

  • Kindly go through above # 38..May help u..

  • Hello,

    I couldn't find anything in page 38 but I have checked page 87 and it says: "You can adjust the filter conditions as required". I know where to find the place where you can modify the conditions but I just cannot find how to disable the extraction.

    But thank you so much for your help!

    Kind regards,

  • I think during setup of method, you may uncheck the base spectrum before or after the peaks...

  • I looked it up in my method but it is already disabled:

  • Gr8..

    Then do opposite and tick on base peak chromatogram and save then check...

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