QC Check Accuracy


I am using Open lab CDS 2.5 

I am analyzing and quantifying three compounds in a single run using ISTD quantification. I am looking for a solution, the system to calculate the QC check accuracy for each compound in the system and report it. I came across the following post which answers my problem. https://community.agilent.com/technical/software/f/forum/3050/qc-accuracy-and-custom-column. However, I need to use the option 2, as the concentration of QC check changes every time we prepare a new standard sets (The QC check is an independent preparation) and our standards are prepared weekly. I have created compound custom parameters and entered the excepted concentration in the sequence for QC check samples only. My problem is that I am not able to pull that value into my custom calculation. I used the trim, split and choose funtions and It did not generate the value in the custom filed. In addition I also tried other options that I came across and none of them worked. I am not an expert in software coding and hence can you please help me with the code that I need to use, so I can pull the data into the custom calculator. Once I pull the number, I can then use "compound_Amount/Actual value in custom field*100" to get the % recovery. 

Thank you in advance for your time. 

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