Batch the integration spectra runs from sequence table

Looking for a way to batch print the integration spectra of multiple runs from a sequence table. I'd like to have the spectra for various wavelengths printed for each run within a sequence table. Each run could be a separate PDF or all the run could be combined into one PDF.

Currently we click on each run and print a report from the integration tab. This works for 2 or 3 runs, but if the sequence table has 96 runs it becomes tedious.

Any suggestions are appreciated. 


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  • Hi John

    Create an Intelligent Report template that has the chromatograms formatted as you want them to be.  You could make this report either a Single Injection or Single Sequence summary report, it doesn't matter which; I'd do the first type.

    Once you have the report created, go to the Review section from the navigation bar on the left of the Chemstation screen, select all of the injections you want to report, the report template you just created and click the preview button, if it looks good, you can create a pdf, Word or Excel file from the appropriate button in the toolbar.


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