Custom Calculations on OpenLab CDS V2.5


I am new to CC and have been try to work on syntax for calculations which I want to include into my reports. I am trying to create the following calculation on CC but have been struggling to develop the correct syntax. 

STD check (%) = A2/A1 x W1/W2 * 100%

A1 = Average response of standard 1 

A2 = Average response of standard 2

W1 = weight of standard 1

W2 = weight of standard 2

For this equation I have been able to create the syntax for the Average response of Std1 and Std2 using CC. I am not sure where I can place the weights of the standards, I have tried to place the weights of the standards on the sample amount column on the injection list in Data Analysis but I have not found a way use these values in my formula. I wanted to be able to reference the injection list in my formula because that is where I would like to report the masses or concentrations used, also because if I input the values directly onto my syntax I will have to change it every time I make a new standard. I was wondering if there was a way to use the injection list to do this or if there is a better way to do this.

Thank you. 

  • HI

    I resolved this issue calling the amount / concentration in the calibration table. The formula is Peak_Area/Compound_CalibAmount. 


  • HI

    For the injections defined as Calibration Standards, you can use the Compoound_CalibAmount, from the calibration table (as suggests).  For the check standards, you could put the weight for these in the Sample Amount column in the sequence table, and use this for your calculation.  If you're already doing mass% calculations, you could create a sample or compound custom parameter for the second standard weight and use this approach.

    There are many different ways of approaching this, depending on how your sequence is constructed.


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