How to make Noise Determination report with OpenLab

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Does anyone know how to make a similar Noise Determination report showed below with OpenLab 2.3? With ChemStation it could be very easily generated. However, so far I didn't find any possibility with OpenLab.

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    The both points you mentioned were already considered and applied, but we couldn’t get the noise drift report as the one we know from ChemStation. The problems are:


    1. Under only one noise range can be


    2. it is a no-injection run, no peaks, therefor there is nothing showed in Injection Results table. After we extra ajusted integration parameter, so that a couple of baseline signal as peaks integrated, we could then get the noise and drift value for the defined range in Injection Results table. However, I don’t think this is the proper way for noise analysis, or at least not the way we know from ChemStation.

    Any further idea or advice ? Appreciate your helf very much !

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    There are two things that are required to report noise in OpenLab CDS:


    • The system suitability section of your Processing Method needs to be setup to calculate noise (see below):
    • You need to use a report template that can report noise. Of the default reports that can be imported into a project in OpenLab CDS, the Performance+Noise_(Letter or A4).rdl would be the best option. 


    Hopefully this helps.

  • In order to get display drift on a report in OpenLab CDS 2.3, you will need to add the Noise Periods table to the report (see below): 



    You are correct that currently in OpenLab CDS users are only capable of defining one noise region. I see that there is an open feature request to add the ability to manually define multiple noise regions in the Processing Method, but I have no estimate on which version of OpenLab CDS will add this feature. 

  • Once again thank so much for your quick response and kind help!

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    unit is not showing  for Drift as pA/hour

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