How to save compound specific constants and call on them in calculations

Using Agilent OpenLab CDS, Intelligent reporting A.01.10.128 

I want to store a set of conversion factors (constants)  that will be tied to the compound name. I also need to use them in calculations specific to the compound named only. 

for example: 

I want to save Compound 1 CF 

then do the following calculations:

Compound 1 in lbs/ MMcf  =  Sample amount in ppm(v) * Compound 1 CF

 If possible I would like to have this as another column in the sample table. I already have a column with the sample amount ppm(v).

I have 9 compounds and we inject them as single injections so I was using ESTD short report 

  • See below to use constants in CDS 2.x

    Get chemical constants from a Constants file

    Chemical constants may be stored in a separate file (Constants file) and pulled in from there. To create a new Constants file in your project, import it via web interface into the secure storage of your project.

    The Constants file must meet the following requirements:

    • TAB delimited .txt file

    • Names of the constants in the first row, separated by tabs

    • Values per compound in the next rows, separated by tabs

    • Compound names in the first column; compound names must be identical to the names used in the processing method.

    For example:

    1. In the Properties tab, provide the path and filename of the Constants file.

    2. In the Custom Calculation formula, use the GetConstant function with the constant name in a Custom Calculation of scope Peak or group.

      For example: GetConstant("Mol Wt.") returns the "Mol Wt." of the current peak (if identified).

  • Hello Martin

    Is it possible to use a file like this in a report template. To call on those constants without using a custom calculation?

    EDIT: ok, so the custom calculation just calls the number, and then you probably have to call the CC within the report template and use it like that? 

  • Yes that is correct. If you really want to do it in IR take a look at the custom code in 

    Marty Adams

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