Calibration using different channels

Hi all, I was wondering if it was possible to calculate results for peaks acquired with a different channel than the channel used for the calibration. We are using Openlab CDS 2.5.

My lab have a method with which they detect multiple targets at three wavelengths (210, 240 and 260nm), but the Standard is only acquire at 240nm and RRFs have been determined for each other specified compounds at their respective wavelengths versus the standard at 240nm. So far, they've been using an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the results, but it is very tedious to manually enter all the peak results. I tried using custom calculation to force the software to use a calibration or the average peak area of standard injections for the calculation without success. I am able to calculate results obtained at 240nm using the calibration at 240nm, but I couldn't generate results for the peaks observed at 210 or 260nm. 

Of course, we could add each compound of interest in the standard solution and calculate each of them versus themselves at the appropriate wavelength. We could also use our actual standard peak at the three wavelengths and calculate new RRFs for each compound. However, I was wondering if there was a way in Openlab to use a calibration curve at a given channel to calculate peak results obtained with different channels.

Many thanks!

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