Number of integrated peaks OLCDS 2.6

Hi all, Is there any way to see the number of integrated peaks on a table using OLCDS 2.6? Similar to the column Peak Number (#) on short report OLCS C.01.0X

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  • Hello,

    Do you want to see it per sequence, injection, signal channel? The way I would do it would be with a custom calculation as below. You could then view the results in DA injection results or add the CC to a report.


    Per Injection

    CurrentInjection.AllPeaks.Select(function(x) x.Peak_RetentionTime).Count

    Per Signal

    CurrentSignal.AllPeaks.Select(function(x) x.Peak_RetentionTime).Count

  • martin.adams gave a great example of how to get the number on a report.

    There is also a way to see the number in the Data Processing section if someone only needs to view it and not report it.  Bring up the Injection Results window, left click anywhere in the window so it is "active" and then look at the 5th tab at the top of the Data Analysis ribbon.  The 5th tab will display settings for Injection Results.  Make sure Show identified peaks and Show not identified peaks are selected.  Then scroll down to the bottom of the Injection Results window viewing the # column.  It will show the number of integrated peaks.

    Just a FYI, that 5th ribbon tab changes depending which window is currently "active" by left clicking in it.

  • Thanks martin.adams. Your answer was very helpful

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