how to extract the total run time per instrument on the Content Manager (OpenLab CDS)?


I am looking for a way to demonstrate the total run time per instrument that is managed by OpenLab CDS (or anyway to show the usage per instrument) . I have tried the search commends on the Content Manager, but couldn't figure it out. Could someone advise me how to do it? Thanks in advance.

  • I had to show the same for my managers, but there is no simple way to achieve this :) I've exported the system activity log for every instruments. Then I've written a script (excel macro) for analyse these files. It collects all the started sequences, the injections within these sequences (with start and stop/abort times). After all I can show everything about our HPLCs, injections, sequences, total runtimes, etc :)

  • Hi,

    one of our customer asked for this feature. We created a web app which connected to database of OpenLAB CDS and bring information you need and calculate injection times. We decided to release app as open source on SourceForge under name FreeLAB. Try to Google it. You can download image with preinstalled web app and run in VirtualBox. There is also a tutorial how to set import of logs from OpenLAB CDS. Have a fun!  

  • This is the format of the results. It can be filtered by any column.

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