How can I integrate across a fixed time width for peaks across multiple samples post-run?

I am running a set of stability experiments and looking to integrate a certain peak across multiple sample files in different sequence files.

Based on the lower limit of detection for my method, my sample peak should have a retention time of 7.459 min, with a minimum peak width of 0.716 min to encapsulate 95% of total peak area. I want to calculate this peak area across this time window (7.101 - 7.817 min) for multiple replicates of the sample at different time points.

Is there a way to analyze the data in ChemStation post-run to report the peak area for each sample across this specified peak width? Also, is there a way to generate a report file with this information automatically?

^As the peak I want to measure is in a mixed matrix, I want to fix the peak width to minimize error due to degradation products overlapping with the peak.

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