Data Analysis - ChemStation (B.04.03-SP1 [87])


We are currently running single runs on our 6890 GC with ChemStation (B.04.03-SP1 [87]). Is there a way to combine multiple runs into a single report file (CSV format or Excel)? Is it possible to set up sequence run such that sample can be injected manually but all data is save in a batch for easier processing?

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  • Sequence run after finishing one by one...but in case of manual injection, how u will example every 30 min, will you inject manually in sequence?

  • Yes. Our run time is 20 minutes, so after every run, I then manually inject the sample and press run as I would for single runs (we are not running a lot of samples maybe 5-15 per days). I was able to set it up so that all the injections is counted as a sequence. Now, I am stuck at using batch review, I had look at other posts in the forum and follow the steps. However, I was not able to export the data in batch mode. After changing the batch options and clicking okay, the tab just simply disappear. I am not able to find any file. Frankly, I am not sure if that would create any file at all.

  • The newer versions of Chemstation allow a Sequence Summary report.  I'm not sure if this will provide the report you're looking for, but it may be worth trying.  From the Sequence menu, select Sequence Parameters and click on the tab for Sequence output.

    I believe this is available in B.04.03, but I don't have that version available to me currently.

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