IR Template Pass word protection_ChemStation C.01.06


I have created a couple of IR templates for internal use in the GxP Area. They should be protected by password, ideally with limitting access for modification by Admin User. Would that be possible ? Lock and Unlock-Switching of the edited template in „Report Layout“ mode is not an option.

Is it possible to protect the "Report Layout" by password ?

The templates are actually stored at C:\Chem32\REPSTYLE\ on the local PC as temporal solution. The preferred storage location is at the ECM server. How can I browse the folder in the server to specify a template for the reporting setting and for the sequence output  ?

Could you please let me know the storage location of the delivered default report template from Agilent ? The "Extended Performance", Short" report template etc are not stored in the directory C:\Chem32\REPSTYLE\ on the local PC, right ?

I am using Chemstation C.01.06

Thank you for your advice


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