Audit Trail Review OpenLab 2.5

Why is the Audit Trail Review carried out in the current OpenLab version listed again in the review in magenta, although all results have been saved. These results listed as "Save" in the Audit Trail again? This leads to an infinite loop in the review. The examiner must be checked again. Which settings must be observed so that this can be undone after the check?


  • I think this is by design, and isn't something that can be undone in settings.

    The audit trail has to include entries that show that it has been reviewed.  It only looks like you end up in an infinite loop of reviews.  The audit trail entries showing that the audit trail has been reviewed should not need to be reviewed further.  I had exactly the same thoughts as you, and accepted that this is normal behaviour in the software and that the infinite loop of review was only in my own mind.

    Hope that makes sense and helps you.


  • Thank you very much.

    Now it makes sense and i know that this is normal behaviour in the software.

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