Acquisition fails to start following Windows update


I am getting the following error message when trying to launch Acquisition from the control panel, "Agilent OpenLAB Acquisition, Unable to connect to instrument server".  Having spoken to my colleague I learned computer was restarted and windows updates installed prior to this issue occurring.  Version is v2.4.

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    May be Open Lab CDs client is locked by either user or inactively timeout.

    From open lab CDS control panel, go to administration then security policy then click on edit security policy and enter a value of 0 for " inactivity time before locking the application( mins).

    After this, restart the open lab CDS control panel( no need to close connection ) and close client.

  • Hello,

    Due to the age of this forum post I’ve marked this as resolved.  If you are able to please reply to this thread and let us know how the problem was solved. 


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