E-signature in OpenLab CDS 2.4

Hi there,

1. We are trying to set up the E-signature option using OpenLab CDS version 2.4. We would like to have 2 signature levels where Level 1 is “Analyst” and Level 2 is “Approver”. In our laboratory some users will both generate data and approve data. For example the same user could be an Analyst (Level 1) in one project but would need to be Approver (Level 2) in another project. Therefore, is there a way for the user to select at what level they are signing a data set?

2. In the Intelligent Report is it possible to make the e-signature stamp data set based rather than sample based - thus having a single set of e-signatures on the report instead of presenting signatures for each injection?

3. Is there functionality to notify an approver that data needs approving? Can a project be configured to allow users to easily see the e-signature status of each data set?

Thank you in advance for any feedback.


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